Professional Clean Up Sluice with Miracle Mat

Professional Clean Up Sluice with Miracle Mat


Professional Clean Up Sluice. Proudly Australian made. This system uses the Keene Engineering Miracle Mat® which is a good all round mat.  

Fabricated out of precision laser cut and CNC folded steel and powdercoated in silver pearl. Stainless Steel hardware used throughout. Comes plumbed with a 750gph bilge pump. 

This unit is fully has fully adjustable brackets that can be adjusted to suit any plastic tub from 240mm-550mm. 

Sluice is adjustable from 0-15° with markers showing exactly what angle you are running. This unit fits on to many different plastic tubs available at your local hardware store. This listing does not include the tub! 

The pump will need wiring to a 12V battery or transformer. The sluice system is easy to assemble requiring just 1 Allen key.